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Zennith boyz hip hop roots fusion

The Zennith Boyz are a five piece Indigenous reggae band that come from the deep scrub of Bulwai Country in Kuranda Queensland. Their performance at the Australasian World Music Expo has seen Zennith Boyz invited to play in New Zealand, the USA and Europe. Their music is a fusion of hiphop, roots, soul and reggae.  They have been blowing away audiences on the Australian Festival Circuit for the past few years playing at the Woodford Folk Festival, Island times Festival, Kuranda roots and The Dreaming, adorning themselves in the rasta red gold and green and koori red black and yellow.  The band members are Aden Brim -song writer,lead vocalist & Guitar, Isaac Crowley- bass, Lindsay Snider- drums, Astro Brim – percussion,vocals and Guitar, and Willie Brim keyboards,vocals and Guitar.

CONTACT DETAILS Z Management: Andrea Gower
Telephone: 0421 860003/ 07 40 963 008
Email: andrea.gower@yahoo.com.au

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