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Richie Spice and his Strong Conscious Music

Richie Spice gained popularity in the mid 90’s and is still going strong today, Spice has performed at all major shows staged locally namely Reggae Sunsplash a paid tribute by him to Bob Marley White River Reggae Bash Rebel Salute and many others. Spice has opened shows for the likes of Chaka Demus and Pliers, Spanner Banner and Rita Marley on extensive tours of Europe and the United States 1996-1997. He has a voice that is robust and commanding.

He again toured East North America from June to September 2001. His increased popularity has gained him spots at numerous venues. His most recent projects include performances at Sting held at Jam World St. Catherine (December 26, 2002) and Sting Miami (March 2003).

At a quarter to twelve the band crossed the stage sheepishly, instruments strapped to their backs, the lights dipped and we were finally on our way. Unlike the festival atmosphere of a London gig, there was no poetry, no community announcements, and, having gauged the mood of the crowd, the support act wisely trimmed their set to just two songs, before moving upstage to take backing duties as our prodigal performer sauntered into view.

Selassie I the First

Like an experienced stand up comedian using a call-back joke to punctuate his set Richie Spice used the same phrase at the close of each song, grounding proceedings with the power of his words. He hardly moved all night, just stood, centre stage, swaying slightly, bemused, grinning from ear to ear; peering out from behind bleary heavily lidded eyes at the fans gathered to celebrate his increasingly formidable talent.

Some Richie Spice albums and collaberations include In the Streets to Africa, Spice in your Life, Motherland Africa, Universal, The Perfect Balance, My Baby and Toe to Toe.

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