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DJ Rondon and the World Beat Sound System

DJ Rondon and the world beat sound system are from Guyana and are  one of New York’s hottest mixed tape DJ outfits on the circuit today.
He churns out over 60 CD mixed tapes a year. His popular series include Dancehall Reggae, Vocal Reggae and Culture Mix.
In order for hardcore reggae fans to hear the latest music from artists like Buju Banton, Capleton, Sizzla and Bounty Killer they just pick up one of DJ Ron Don’s latest releases.

Starting off as a hobby it is now a fully fledged career, inspired by the selector sound systems that made their way into Jamaican culture in the ’50’s. These open air bashments were a time for local people to forget their troubles and dance after a hard day’s work. This still is the primary source of entertainment for Jamaicans.

The art form has spread across the world and DJ Ron Don embraces this rich musical history and carries this passion into all of his releases and performances.

The underground dancehall culture is thriving and this talented man is keeping his eyes and ears to the streets constantly looking for what the people want. What pleases them and moves them.

His World Beat parties operating under World Beat Sound System are guaranteed to give you your money’s worth.
Get into some of these awesome sounds.

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