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Rastaseed is everywhere and at this time in human evolution we can tap into this higher vibration to experience this energy for ourselves. Wisdom, peace and love are at the core of Rasta, and it embraces our true individuality. Many interpret this as a free for all so to speak where righteousness is not the grounding. There still exist many wolves in sheep’s clothing and the cultivation of a strong intuition and sense of self is required to weed out this lower vibration and the vexation to the soul it can bring. Rastaseed writes about the garden and learning to grow our own pure food, metaphysics and the wonder of the universe and its’ magical mathematical rules. Reggae music, and the gift that music gives us all to heal and experience joy. Natural medicines and herbology, delving into the ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples preventative herbal medicine and healing techniques. Rastafarian way of life and symbology and Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and earth’s rightful ruler. Tuning into a higher vibration is a wondrous thing however there are still many trapped in the old and decaying rot so shedding some light on important issues that are critical for humanity at this time. Jah lives in us all and humility and one love can guide us to a wiser and smarter world living in harmony with the natural world. Jah Rastafari