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Buju Banton and his lyrical gifts

Buju’s music has earned prophet like status in his homeland in Jamaica. Banton is a Jamaican word referring to someone with a superior attitude and a gift with speech. He was one of fifteen children in a family directly descended from the Maroons, a group of escaped slaves who proudly fought off the British Colonialists.

Late in 1994 he was affected by the death of his friend Garnett Silk. This was compounded by a number of other violent deaths of Dancehall artists that year. He embraced the Rastafarian movement and began to grow dreadlocks. His performances and musical releases took on a more spiritual tone, and he issued calls renouncing violence. One of such calls can be heard on the classic “Murderer” later released on his biggest international seller Til Shiloh.Too Bad was released in September of 2006. The pure dancehall album shows a clear return to basics.

Buju amassed a number of edgy chart-toppers in the recent past and includes them almost as a reminder of the stuff that made him who he is. The most danceable Banton album since Mr. Mention, Too Bad features an unapologetic Buju over hard driving dancehall beats exuding the full essence of dancehall. The title track Too Bad was one in a tidal wave of releases that reestablished him as a prominent hit-maker on the hardcore scene.

Some Buju Banton albums include Too Bad, Inna Heights, Ultimate Collection,’Til Shiloh, The Early Years 1990-1995, Unchained Spirit, Voice of Jamaica, Destiny, Quick, Mr Mention, Friends for life, Want it, Dubbing with The Banton, Rudeboys inna Ghetto, Buju and Friends, and Flames of Freedom.
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