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The Third World Band a line up of outstanding musicians

William Clark Bunny Rugs(lead vocals)
Stephen Coore Cat (Guitar/Cello/Harmonica/Vocals)
Richard Daley Bassie (Bass/Vocals)
Herbert Harris Herbie (Keyboard)
Tony Williams Ruption (Drums)

For thirty three years they have been producing smash hit songs with inspirational messages to sold out tours. The line up has of course changed over the years.

The Third World Band has combined Jamaican Reggae and Folk music with African Rhythms, American Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Rap and Classical music.
In 1973 Stephen Coore, then with Inner Circle Band left the sanctum of the circle and launched Third World Band.

A few months later they were opening for The Jackson Five at the Jamaican National Stadium where they stunned the 30,000 plus audience with their versatility and professionalism. Before long Chris Blackwell had them signed up with Island Records and offered them a slot on the European Tour opening for Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Their debut album released in 1975 featured the hypnotic song “Satta Amasa Gana”. Followed closely 1n 1977 by “96 Degrees in the Shade” released to rave reviews in Europe and the United Kingdom.
Remaining one of the Founding Fathers of Reggae, Third World is clearly set to propel itself into the 21st Century, affirming that good music and great talent is limitless, bridging the dimensions of culture, of category and of everlasting time.

For more then thirty three years the Third World Reggae Band has continued to blaze new trails for Reggae Music. The group has traveled around the world several times spreading Jah Message of Peace, Love and Inity for which they have truly lived up to their title as Reggae Ambassadors.

To date Third World band has released a total of twenty two albums as well as solo projects from Bunny Rugs and Cat Coore.
In 2007 they toured in France, England, Belgium, Israel, Switzerland,Germany,Holland, Reunion Island, Canada, Japan, Aruba, Guadeloupe, the USA , Hawaii and to finish up Montego Bay Jamaica for the beginning of the Jamaican Tourist Season.

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