Mike Love Reggae

Born and raised on the mystical island of O’ahu in Hawaii to a musical family, Mike Love is an original and inspirational roots reggae musician and song writer. He is a vegan and devout family man.

He has been a spiritual musician from the beginning of career in his mid teens and is strongly influenced by family and friends but also the profound natural beauty of his homeland. The strong responsibility he feels to protect her emerges from the lyrics in his songs. Her massive powerful oceans, beautiful forests, rock cliffs, volcanic landscapes, beautiful flowers and long sandy beaches. This spiritual land is the home of the Kahuna healers.

He has been performing live for many years and has a strong fan base for which he creates ever better live performances to keep them coming back. He has released an album called The Change I am Seeking via Love Not War Records and is sitting in the top twenty of the iTunes Reggae Music Chart. He has toured the West Coast of the United States with Sam Ites and Paula Fuga and continues to play locally in Hawaii. His latest tour was sixteen shows in Austin Texas spreading the one love message and healing heart beat vibration.
His songs come straight through his heart. It is who he is and what he wants to say straight from the source.

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