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Junior Marvin spreading Rasta message for over forty years

Junior Marvin was born in Jamaica and is otherwise known as Junior Marvin-Hanson. He met Bob Marley on Valentines Day in 1977 and joined Bob Marley and the Wailers as a guitarist. Exodus was the first album recorded with them and it has since been named best album of the 20th Century by Time Magazine. After Bob Marley passed on Junior has carried on relentlessly spreading Jah Message and Ras Tafari both solo and with his Wailers Band and we have been blessed to have him tour Australia on several occasions.

As lead guitar and vocals he has toured with The Wailer Band and Kaliroots and is now embarking on his solo career with the release of his new album Wailin’ for Love in August 2007. He has earned a reputation as an innovative and expressive blues/rock/reggae guitarist.
Moving the England as a child his acting and musical talents were nurtured and he appeared in the Beatles film “HELP” as well the musical “Hair” in the original London cast Recordings.
Junior has had an illustrious career and played with the likes of Ike and Tina Turner, blues legend T-Bone Walker, Burning Spear, Alpha Blondy, Bunny Wailer, Israel Vibrations, Culture, The Meditations, Beres Hammond, The Congos, O.A.R. and SOJA

Junior Marvin singing Children on his new album Wailin’ for Love

Check out this video of Junior singing Children from his new album Wailin’ for Love. The music and lyrics on these albums are inspiring and incredible. I could not recommend them highly enough for Positive Vibration Reggae lovers around the world.

Buy Junior’s Marvin and the Wailers Band Album “Jah Message”

Buy Junior Marvin and the Wailers Band Album “Majestic Warriors”

Buy Junior Marvin solo album “Wailin’ for Love

Junior video singing “My Friend” on the beach in Jamaica

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