Bushman Jamaican Reggae

bushman reggae

Bushman Reggae

With his dynamic lyrics, superb showmanship and classic performances, the Rastafarian known as Bushman is an artist with which to hold a joy with, and a force to be reckoned with. Bushman is undoubtedly the greatest cultural and Roots Reggae artist of his generation. He is a consummate songwriter, a wonderful singer and a spellbinding live performer. As a livicated Rastafarian his works contain important messages for humanity. Because of this his songs have the power to touch the soul, uplift our hearts and communicate spiritual truths through the mightly force of Reggae Music. Born Dwight Duncan, in the lush picturesque hill top village of Spring Garden, St. Thomas, Jamaica. He was raised as a Rasta since the tender age of two. Dwight attended the Lysson All Age School where he continued to shine musically as a member of the school choir, a member of the Yallas drum core, playing the bass organ, also participating in numerous chool concerts. He was also a member of the New Testament Church of God Choir, where he earned the name Ark Angel.He has produced a handful of singles and many albums the latest of which is Get it in your mind, produced by Bushman himself.

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3 thoughts on “Bushman Jamaican Reggae

  1. Vanessa says:

    It is nice to be in australia for the first time. The people are lovely and the place is worth the plane ride. Thanks every one for coming out and supporting Bushman from St. Thomas Jamaica for his first show in Bryons Bay, we hope to get the same support form our remaining shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Australia is nice One Love

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