The World Unites through Music. Bob Marley inspires Musicians Worldwide

Playing for change

Bob Marley started a revolution bringing unification through music.  He said he wanted to fight the war with music and although this Jamaican Rastafarian Legend is no longer with us in the flesh his work and message will never die.  The message of peace, one love and unity in his music has spread like a wildfire across the world landscape and the results can been seen in this new modern multimedia creation.

Playing for change is a movement that started four years ago in the streets of Santa Monica California recording street musicians. It has spread across the world inspiring people to unite through music.  Traveling with a mobile recording studio they went wherever the music took them.  Technology has enabled them to record musicians all over the world who would have otherwise been inaccessible.  They were able to create freely from the heart and the results are truly moving to the soul.

The Playing for Change Foundation has been set up to give back to the musicians and communities that shared so much of themselves on these journeys.  Musicians all over the world can now be brought together to perform benefit concerts and build music and art schools for communities that are in need of inspiration and hope.

You can join the Playing for Change Movement too, by hosting screenings, spreading the message and holding benefit concerts.

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