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Positive vibrations create an Irie World

Positive vibrations is the name of the game. If you wanted the world to be different, what would you want to see.Quantum Physicists now know that human beings are an energy field connected to source energy. Our minds have thousands of thoughts each day and these emanate directly out into this group energy field.In the bible there are 826 verses dedicated to being happy and rejoicing in this life we have been given. The Rastafarians have always known this. Bob Marley wrote many songs about this. Even though rasta is a modern phenomenon, it has very ancient roots.  So why wouldn’t we want positive vibrations.

The message is clear. Rejoice in the life you have been given, god force on earth as a human being.This knowledge gives us unlimited power to create the world we want.Imagine thousands of minds and hearts concentrating on a better world together as one.
I have often wondered given that we have this knowledge why it seems so difficult to rejoice every day when so many bad things are happening around us.The answer is becoming clearer each day.

Ancient Babylonians knew how to hypnotise the masses for their own benefit.Keeping the masses hypnotised means a large workforce that can be used for its own purposes. Modern day Babylonians have had thousands of years to master this craft and now have some formidable tools to do so. Television and media of all kinds and through this, fear. Piped directly into everyone’s homes, the mind can be directed whichever way these individuals want it to.So instead of being the great creators we naturally are someone else is creating us how they want us to be.

A personality profile was done on a corporation, as they were given all the powers of an individual and they came up as a psychopath, because they have no heart.They are pure money making machines and look out to anyone who gets in their way.
I can see a future where these corporations are not measured by how much money they make, but by how much they contribute to the society around them.

Ancient ones also had a secret power called imaging which is like visualisation. If you create the picture in your mind strong enough and long enough it becomes reality.They of course kept the great power of this to themselves and used it for their own benefit and have continued to do so to this day.
So these secret powers are secret no more. Instead they can used to our benefit. Positive vibrations.

Our thoughts and corresponding feelings are emanating out into a group energy field.If we do all in our power to find a state of peace and joy, we are healing each other and the earth.Each individual can make a difference. Nature is the greatest healer and if we use our minds to preserve what is left, we will always have this wellspring to draw life, strength, food, inspiration and joy from.Reggae music carries the heartbeat rhythm and conscious lyrics so is another way to feel good.

Look for the good, see the good, think the good, feel good and have gratitude for this precious life you have been given,Break the hypnotic trance, do something different and align with the irie vibration. We are all one and united we are stronger than the darkness so let’s bring in the light.

One Love blessings, guidance and protection to all my brothers and sisters.

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