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Technology Education and Freedom

In the words of the His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I the first, King of Kings, Lord of Lords Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

“No development in the modern world has been so startling as the revolution in communications. Mans voice flashes around the earth in split seconds. Distance and time have been annihilated. Our peoples vigour and labor can bear fruit only when communications networks are afforded them.”

In the decade of sweeping and breathtaking changes to the way we communicate and receive information, new doors are opening and ancient technologies revisited and refined to meet the modern world and its challenges.

In a few short years we can simply jump on the information super highway and simply type in any question we like and find the answer in a matter of minutes.Once upon a time we had to drive to the local library and trawl through many books to find the information and answers we wanted.Advancements in technology are happening every day now and with them new challenges are emerging.
How to dispose of the toxic waste generated from mobile phones as well as the slavery, oppression and suffering generated in acquiring components for them. These problems are creating new solutions as the technological race speeds on.

Rasta Awareness of the divine power to fullfill your own life

There is a misconception that Rastas are against technology and material things. Nothing could be further from the truth and this attempt to misconstrue what Rasta is about is often as deliberate as it is damaging. What Rastas are against is the misuse of technology and the overemphasis on material possessions, which in fact has caused great decadence of modern society.

Rasta stands for universal love, a higher spiritual ideal that is not usually emphasised in the mainstream of Western society. To be a Rasta is to be a righteous person, continuously seeking to improve SELF. This process of self discovery is further clarified by the words of a St Lucian Rasta who said “The word Rasta as I understand it means purely, the power that lies within any man which enables him to do anything he wants… To be a Rasta therefore is to be conscious of that divine power, and to be developing one’s power potential for achievement… Rasta becomes therefore a philosophy of life fulfilment”. Technology is opening new doors to self expression and realisation, connection and empowerment.

We see therefore that Rastafarian Livity is about the self empowerment of every individual on the planet.The Rastafarian way of life, amongst other things, encourages self expression through visual arts and crafts and the practise of them in everyday life.
The advantage of this burst in technology is that this practise for the enrichment of everyday life can then be transformed into an online network or small business where an income can be generated for self support or the improvement of a whole community through education and networking.The creative and supportive application for this medium is truly mind boggling and as more and more of the world gets access to the super highway as well as education and training the true implications will be realised.

Take for example the, a reading device that can access thousands of books through the super highway.One Amazon Kindle at $350.00 in an isolated school or community and they have a library.Even a dozen of these apparatus would be cheaper than building a real library and stocking it with books.The other great thing is the information is opening up.People are not getting an education based from one perspective.An isolated African Shaman can now pass on his ancient knowledge to millions of people through streaming video, a website or ebook.

In another interesting twist on technology, Rasta India is a very interesting project.The Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement. Is combining new technologies with ancient technique
They have facilitated five community centres constructed at Kattunaikka Tribal hamlets in remote hilly areas of Wayanad with the help of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India. The centres act as learning and cultural centres for tribal communities.
Since 1987, RASTA provided housing facilities for 120 tribal families with the support CAPART under Ministry of Rural development, Government of India.

426 Sanitary latrines using UNDP method constructed for tribal families with the support of CAPART.
Six month long leadership training given for 20 selected tribal women and two of them became the members of local self Government through public elections.
During the past 20 years RASTA has been able to introduce, fine-tune and replicate a number of technologies in agriculture and allied sectors to improve the quality of life of rural men and women.

This truly is innovation and in the spirit of the Rastafarian Message.We are indeed living in interesting times and there has been no better time to link up, speak up and follow your passion.
Jah bless Guidance and Protection
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