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Metaphysical Rastafarian Symbology Interpretation


Babylon empire and founded by the followers of Nimrool (II Kings 25 Isa 13:19)
Confusion or mixture, outer confusion, sense confusion, mental confusion, a chaotic condition.

There are times when we find ourselves in the confusion of sense consciousness and its thoughts are so strong that they seem to have us in complete subjugation. Such cases symbolise captivity in Babylon.

In Daniel 31 we read:  the King made an image of gold. The Babylon state of consciousness worships gold and unless you accept its commercial customs it will put you in the fiery furnace of persecution. The Babylonians symbolise the mixed confused thought so of the material consciousness. A city is an aggregation of thoughts. The city of Babylon, of Revelation 17 and 18, signifies the aggregation of the states of mind of the people of the earth.

The Kings of the earth are the ruling egos of the people of the earth, of the thoughts of peoples minds. The great harlot is the mental phase or psychic condition of the sensuality of sex. The judgement Verse 1 is that, the whole race all the people (many waters) are coming to judgement; they have to account for their thoughts and their acts. This chapter reveals a coming to judgement of sensuality and of all the conditions symbolised in the preceding chapters in Revelation by the beast and so forth.

The scarlet coloured beast is the beastly nature in man. It also represents the bodily or outer phase of the individual. The women or the psychical mental, feeling plane, must have a base of activity and body is this base of activity. Thus the women was sitting on the beast.

This mystery women, city of Babylon Verse 5 is the mother of sensuality, confusion of mind under sense law. She represents a phase of the universal race thought. The harlot is an adulterated state of mind, symbolical of the psychical realm in its occult mystical mental phase. Scarlet and red represent like. By lack of understanding of life we have brought confusion into the race thought. Revelation 17 tells of the women on the beast who comes up out of the bottomless pit, who was, is to be, et is not.

The beast comes up out of the abyss and goes to perdition that is it has no real resting place, no foundation. The abyss or bottomless pit is negation. Thus all confusion of thought and its results are really without foundation in truth; not having any reality they must pass away.

Rainbow metaphysical interpretation

Metaphysical Rastafarian Symbology defines the rainbow as a token of a Convenant between me and the earth. (Genesis 9 13-15) involves the law of obedience (Noah). The rainbow is formed of many drops of water, each of which acts as a prism receiving and transmitting the sunlight. Each drop represents a human being and the whole race. The seven colours of the solar spectrum are produced by different rates of vibration and universal energy which in its myriad activities makes the visible universe.
When man is like Noah, obedient to the guidance of God, he will never be flooded y negative conditions and when the whole race enters into this obedience, the perect principles will be forever established. The rainbow is a sign of this state which we all shall form with our obedient minds, a circle of natural perfection.

Lion of Judah

Metaphysical Rastafarian Symbology defines the Lion as Courage fearlessness initiatives in life. We must have the courage to enter fearlessly into the overcoming of life and into the understanding of things. But courage alone will not do. We must have reverence of spiritual things- a devotional attitude-in order to receive spiritual inspiration.

The phrase, of the Tribe of Judah bespeaks this reverential nature attitude. Jesus Christ purified his substances and his life and lifted them up until his life became a pure stream of divine life to cleanse us. The 4th Chapter of Revelation reveals the full inner meaning of the atonement of Jesus Christs redeeming work on earth. If we understand it fully we shall understand the inner working of the divine principal in its redeeming work in our whole being.

The real spiritual life in race consciousness has been disregarded put out of substance, so this lamb of God- the original pure life and substance appears to e slain in so far as the animal consciousness of man is concerned. But to our awakened and illuminated thoughts, activities and faculties it is the ion that is of the Tribe of Judah- a source of new life and substance, which we continually worship praise and love until we realise this new all conquering life more and more fully and perfectly.

The Root of David has reference to the love quality in its original purity. This is needed also. We must be rooted in love. The Lions of Daniel 6 10”23 represent the savage thoughts that arise in us when we are accused wrongfully and know that we are innocent.

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