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Rasta mouse and da easy crew

Rasta mouse is a delightful cartoon character Rastafarian mouse who hangs out with his friends.  It teaches children about friendship, respect and community and is very creative and clever. As well as being a children’s television show, it is also a series of books and songs.

Jamaican Patois Language

Rastamouse has a particular appeal for Afro-Caribbean children and the language used is Jamaican Patois. It is hard for parents or children not to be uplifted by the great reggae songs and the message it conveys.  It is funny and educational.
There is so much rubbish on the television for children to watch, so if they have to watch it, and they will, then this is a really a refreshing change for the better.  The reggae music and rasta message is so strong it has spread to the four corners of the earth and now into the hearts of babes.  This series is written primarily for the under six age group.

Racism and bad language complaints

Some people have complained and associate the word ‘rasta’ with something undesirable, particularly in the black community.  They are saying that the language used is slang and encourages their children not to speak Proper English.  I can understand that people raised in England might want to speak the Queens English, but there are many people on earth and all have to the right to their cultural diversity.

Rastas will always speak their Jamaican Patois

Rastas are renowned for retaining their Jamaican Patois language with pride.  It once saved them for the brutal  slave masters who in fact were English. This is a very complex story and this cartoon simplifies it down to love respect friendship community comedy and great music.  What more could you want.  Hopefully the discussion that develops from shows like this will broaden understanding between people.  I personally give thanks and praise to Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew and the Nuff Song Studio for making seriously good music and the world a better place.


Rasta Mouse Hot Hot Hot

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