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Jah Priest and his Rastafarian message

Rastafarian Jah Priest is a simple man and he has a simple message for everyone on the planet earth.  His humble craft stall is by Reach Falls in Portland Jamaica, one of the most mystical and magical nature spots you could possibly imagine.  To the sound of the rushing pouring fresh crystal waterfall he carves his beautiful designs on Coconut Shells. A Rastafarian Elder, Jah Blue knew him growing up in Jamaica.

As they used to say in the sixties “Live Simply so others my Simply Live”

Rastafarian at Reach Falls Jamaica

Reach falls big pond

Reach Falls is a large waterfall located in the hills behind Long Bay Portland Jamaica.  It is a very popular tourist attraction, but is easy to miss as there are no signs leading the way. The road is very narrow and in recent years a lot of work has been done on the infastructure to this delicate area, with park ranger buildings and a large car park at the end of the road.  Once you arrive you then park your car and walk the rest of the way in a lush tropical jungle.   The  Reach Hills are covered in coconuts trees, nutmeg, breadfruit and banana.

Hematite Crafts

The Rastafarian people  make beautiful handcrafts from natural sustainable materials like hematite, coconut shell and brown coral.  The wood carvings are skillfully made and painted in rasta colors.

Jewellery crafted from Hematite

Rastafarian Star of David Pendant

Rastafarian Star of David Pendant

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