Surf Rasta a new Dvd with a Jamaican Rastafarian flavour

Surf Rasta is a newly released Jamaican surfing movie is based on a true story of a group of teenage rastas who learn to surf with the guidance of their mentor and father Mystic.Against great odds both monetarily and socially they reach their dream of competing in the world surfing games in Equador.Surf Rasta combines both surfing and skateboarding scenes and the journey of a Jamaican surfing family called the Wilmots. It is a 76 minute docudrama and features great footage of Jamaica, reggae music, dancing, surfing skating and rasta culture.  Surf Rasta is great exposure for the Jamaican Surfing Scene and a sport that is inspirational for the youth of Jamaica.  Even though Jamaica is in the middle of the Caribbean it has an eight month surf season, the other four months being broken up by one or two week spells of swell. If you head toward Long Bay Portland, you will find Boston Bay along the way.  This is the epicentre of Jamaica surfing.

Read more about this at the Jamaican Surfing Association Website.

Surf rasta DVD TRAILER