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Rasta Surf Clothing with the Rasta message of peace, one love and unity

Rasta surf clothing is appearing in most large surf brand collections. Billabong have an extensive rasta collection for men, women, youth and children. This has come from their association with surfer Dave Rastovich who is an activist and promotes ecological preservation and protection. He is part of Billabong Rasta surf team.

Billabong Rasta Surf gear licensed by Marley family

They have even done a deal with the Marleys to sell some exclusive Bob Marley gear in their rasta surf collection.
Dakine, Element, Quiksilver, Hurley, O’Neill, Volcom, Ripcurl, Sanuk and Reef, all do their own take on rasta boardshorts and shoes in the red gold and green or trimmed with rasta symbology and colours.

Rasta livity is strongly aligned with surfing and surfers love for nature and desire to protect it.  They both can be seen as non violent rebellious sub cultures.
The only thing that has confused me is why reggae music is not more aligned to surfing. It is the heartbeat rhythmn and it carry the earth force. Maybe surfing entrepreneurs will see the logic in this and listen to how reggae naturally fits with the flow of surfing.

Reggae has its slack and dirty side, so does surfing. Rasta is so pure, it is open to everyone so with the colours and symbology pasted on merchandise it may encourage people to explore the depths and wonder of Rastafari.


Sanuk Kingston Rasta Style Sidewalk Surfer Shoe

Rasta Surf

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