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Rasta t-shirt designs

Rasta t-shirt designs that are original are unique and interesting. An opportunity for individual creative expression. A huge range of top quality plain and coloured Rasta t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies are available in our stores. Haile Selassie T-shirts, clothing, bumper stickers, pins, magnets and gifts. Take a look and find a unique gift idea and spread one love, Jah Rastafari,Lion of Judah, red gold and green, peace and livity. Rastaseed have been creating since 2002 and continue to produce new creations.

Marcus Garvey Haile Selassie and Rastafarian symbology

Rastafarian symbology includes the six pointed star of zion, the lion of Judah and the Rasta colours. All of these symbols have profound significance. The colours represent red for the blood that unites us all and the blood that has been shed. Gold for the sun and the gold that has been stolen, and green for the mother land Ethiopia and the natural world. The Rasta colours provide a vibrant backdrop for many designs and signify the Rastafarian message of Freedom for the black race.

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