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Ruff House Crew Rasta Fashion

The Ruff House Crew is a group of Reggae Music Artists and Fashion Designers who enjoy making music and reggae clothing and accessories for top reggae artist and all conscious people who love the arts and authentic African fashion. We make Music and Fashion interesting and attractive.

They live in the country side on the Banks of River NUN, in a town called Opokuma in Bayelsa State of the Niger Delta Region. Ruff House Crew founders Ras Jonah Yallah-CEO and Ras Netima Egbe.

Presented to you here is an example of Ruff House Crew fashion designs. Their products are internationally acclaimed, producing authentic, quality hand made leather attires like, Sandals, Jackets Belts, Face Caps, Bowler hats, Panama caps, Berets, Polo caps, Hand Bags, wallets, etc, the first of its kind in this part of world. It has a unique style suitable for Top Reggae artists and musicians organisations, personal fashion and projects.

Here they make custom rasta fashion designs and have provided costumes for Top Nigerian and International artists including; TU FACE IDIBIA, AFRICAN SIMBA, INEMOH SAMIAMA,CHARLEY BOY, DADDY SHOWKEY, JNR REID, RITA MARLEY, SOUND SULTAN, ORITS WILIKI, MARVELLOUS BENJY, BLACK FACE, EMFOUR and many, many more. They provide you with a combination of interesting reggae and Rasta colours and a pragmatic approach to your personal outfits.

Ruff House Crew Music

Ruff House Crew Music is released under the under the RUFF HOUSE label. They play conscious reggae music with a touch of African rythm and lyrics.
Ruff House love reality, Black history, Black upliftment and Black heritage, they hate and burn illusion burn sodomite, burn corruption, burn fornication and hate educated liars and thieves. They promote higher Education, but not BRAINWASHED Education.
Their debut album titled ‘ BAYELSA’ was released in March 2001, this famous album is dedicated to all [Izon] Ijaw man and the Late Major Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro, who struggled and fought for the emancipation of the Niger Delta, and has given us upliftment to visionalize our dreams and inspirations. Rasta Fashion from the Ruffhouse Crew.
Contact the Ruffhouse Crew …on +234-8051800188 or
Email: [email protected]

Rasta Fashion from the Ruff House Crew NIger Delta Rastaseed.com

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