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The Island of Wood and Water – Jameyka

Selection of Jamaican Movies. Dancehall Queen, Jamaican culture, and documentaries. Life and Debt documentary on the effect of globalization on Jamaica. Jamaica is a magnificent island from the Jamaican Blue Mountains to the shores of the sea at Long Bay Portland. A lot of movies have been made about Jamaica or in Jamaica. James Bond, Cool Runnings or How Stella Got Her Groove Back to name a few. For the Jamaican dancehall fans, we recommend Dancehall Queen.

Get a roots DVD if you are a Jamaica reggae fan or learn about the island if you a Jamaican tourist exploring Jamaica for the first time. Life and Debt is a documentary about globalization and the free trade agreement have decimated the old Jamaican way of life.old live reggae footage of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Jamaica reggae at its finest. Capture some of the mystery and intrigue of this magical island.

Dancehall Queen

Made in Jamaica

Culinary Travels – Jamaica


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