Dudus the scapegoat in a hidden agenda for Jamaica

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Dudus – Surprise Surprise it is all about black gold

Dudus or Christopher Michael Coke was arrested in 2010.  A violent criminal and drug lord, he rose from extreme poverty to great wealth and was educated by the elite. He became a robin hood of sorts for the poor of west Kingston where he lived and is was sentenced to twenty three years in prison in the United States.

Tivoli Gardens is a manipulation

To create the outrageous situation

For a ‘legitimate’ American invasion

Sugar cane,bauxite,tourism – all locked up tight

Deep, Deep oil – now seeing the light

Poverty and oppression – things still not right

Freedom from Babylon – bubbling into sight

Politicians in power – caught in a trap

Reaching for gold – cant give it back

Jamaicas new wealth – Babylon wants to tap

Satellite blackmail – no stopping that

Heart of the people – under attack

600 years – its time to end that

One Love’s in play – bobs watching fast

Soul of jamaica – Freedom at last

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