Rastaman Hat

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Rastaman hat for dreadlocks. Quality Rastafarian tam knitted from Australian black pure merino wool.  Black main color with red gold and green striped accents. You can thread elastic through the brim to secure it to your head.Australian merino sheep have been providing world class wool for centuries and this beautiful products is what is used to create this Rastaman hat. It is a quality product and knitted by a master craftsperson. A Rastaman hat is worn for protection and are also known as Crowns. Crowns for a King or Queen in vibrant colors and patterns. Check out more Rastaman hats made from pure wool.

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Rastaman hat for dreadlocks is a skillfully handmade woollen tam

Rastaman hat made from black pure australian wool with the red gold and green colors of the Rastafari. Red for the blood that unites us all, gold for the sun, and the gold that has been stolen and green for the homeland Ethiopia and the natural world.   This Rastaman hat is a quality product made from pure Australian wool and will keep you dry in the rain, warm in Winter, and cool in Summer.  Australian merino wool is the best in the world. Hand wash your quality hat in gentle wool wash, rinse three times, spin, and lay flat to dry. Rastaseed has been designing and creating this Rastaman hat for over twenty years and selling to customers all over the world. Read more about the history of Dreadlocks and the Rastaman Hat

With proper care this Rastaman hat is sure to last and serve you well for many years.

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