Rasta Red Beret Jamaican

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Rasta red beret made from pure Australian merino wool. Skillfully knitted beret in red with the Jamaican colours. This hat is a one size fits all, each one is unique and crafted with love and care.

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Rasta red beret will stand out in a crowd

Rasta red beret hand knitted in wool. Wear these Rastafarian colors with pride, red for the blood that has been shed and that unites us all, gold for the sun and the gold that has been stolen and green for motherland Ethiopia and the environmental world.  This is a quality product and is made from the finest merino wool in Australia.  Wool will deteriorate quickly if not cared for properly. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
Washing instructions It is extremely important to care for your wool hat carefully When it comes time to wash your hat make sure you wash it in luke warm water as cold or hot will shock the fibres and they will react adversely. Hand wash in luke warm water with a wool detergent like Softly or even hair shampoo.  Hand wash twice Rinse three times. To remove all the water spin dry on woollen cycle in washing machine or roll in a towel and kneel on roll to remove water. Lay flat to dry in the shade. A piece of elastic can be threaded through the band as the hat wears and stretches to keep it firmly in place.

Rasta red beret is a quality garment

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