rasta lion of judah ring sterling silver 925 rampant marijuana tribal Biker Reggae jewelry

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Inspired by Reggae turn into Mexican Biker Ring rasta lion of judah Jewelry. Hello, I am a jewelry artist in Bangkok, Thailand. My inspiration to create my work by the passion in freedom was once being from minimal style with simple technique with silver, brass and copper I think that's a sign of your independence. Each and every product is handmade and spirit to a great piece of work. enjoy to get it. i will make your ring size in us -size4.5 -size5 -size5.5 -size6 -size6.5 -size7 -size7.5 -size8 -size8.5 -size9 -size9.5 -size10 -size10.5 -size11 -size11.5 -size12 -size12.5 -size13 -size13.5 -size14 -size14.5 -size15 please Choose your ring size in Choose Options it is important. so, Should you have no idea your ring size you'll be able to tell me what a line around your finger in millimeters. or you'll be able to contact me.

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