rasta lion of judah ring men sterling silver Reggae marijuana rampant circle (10.5)

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Hello, I am a jewelry artist in Bangkok, Thailand. My inspiration to create my work by the passion in freedom used to be being from minimal style with simple technique with silver, brass and copper I think that's a sign of your independence. Each and every product is handmade and spirit to an ideal piece of work. enjoy to get it. i will be able to make your ring size in us -size4.5 -size5 -size5.5 -size6 -size6.5 -size7 -size7.5 -size8 -size8.5 -size9 -size9.5 -size10 -size10.5 -size11 -size11.5 -size12 -size12.5 -size13 -size13.5 -size14 -size14.5 -size15 please Make a choice your ring size in Make a choice Options it will be important. so, In the event you have no idea your ring size you'll tell me what a line around your finger in millimeters. or you'll contact me.

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