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Israel Vibration

Israel Vibration a Jamaican Roots Reggae Vocal trio comprised of Cecil skeleton Spence, Albert Apple Gabriel Craig, and Lascelle Wiss Bulgin. They all overcame polio to become one of the finest roots reggae groups in Jamaica. The three teens had individually all previously converted to Rastafarianism, now their shared faith and childhood experiences helped forge a strong friendship. The trio’s deeply devotional songs, cultural themes, inspirational lyrics, and original take on the roots style had struck a chord with reggae fans around the world. In 1987, the trio decided it was stronger together than apart, re-formed, and signed up with the RAS label. Then, in 1996, the group released their first single in years, the infectious Feeling Irie taken from their new album, Free to Move. They continue to be an experienced studio group and energetic and inspirational live act.

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