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Horace Andy

Horace Andy was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1951 and is one of Jamaicas most beloved vocalists of the time. Working at Studio One he found it difficult to get a break until he released Skylarking that caused a fevered reaction by the people of Jamaica. The hit songs kept coming with Love of a Woman, Where do the Children Play, Every tongue shall tell and Oh Lord Why Lord. He worked with Tappa Zukie in the eighties to produce classic cuts like Run Babylon, Natty Dread a Weh She Want, and Raggamuffin. Working in the United States and London on dancehall music and all sorts of collaborations he showed great versatility popularity and genius.Massive Attack re-released Skylarking in the late nineties and in 2001, the singer guest-starred on the British group Dub Pistols’ sophomore album Six Million Ways to Live bringing more acclaim from electro-mavens and trip-hop fans.

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