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Capleton is a conscious rastafarian reggae dancehall deejay musician singer songwriter and performer and renowned for his strong intellect. Capleton also known as Clifton George Bailey III lives the life of rastafari and was influenced by Bob Marley Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. He believes that it was a manifestation of Jah that he chose a career in reggae music. The Word is the Power so with a desire to clean up the slackness in the dancehall and began to create music that could uplift and direct a person’s life. His intention is to strip the royalty from Babylon because they rewarded his peoples love with hatred.He is known for his strong intellect and believes that instead of teaching children in school about Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Napolean and Hitler, they should be taught about themselves with their kings and about the motherland so that they can know where they were coming from in order to focus ahead. They need to hear about Ethiopia and the teachings of people like Marcus Garvey and about Emperor Haile Selassie. Capletons album I-Testament is one of the hottest selling albums in the market. Capleton is one of the better deejays you can find in the industry today. He has already proved his ability and versatility by topping the Billboard charts and by creating numerous dancehall classics for which our future generations will find pleasure.

Capleton Reggae Dancehall Artist

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