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Black Uhuru Powerful Reggae Sound

Michael Rose is a powerful and militant reggae artist who was born in the western Kingston ghetto town of Waterhouse, Jamaica on July 11, 1957. He plays with a reggae outfit known as Black Uhuru in the present day but he was introduced to music by his brothers, who used to sing around the house. Blessed with a powerful voice he joined a band, doing local talent shows as well as entertaining tourists in the north coast hotels of Jamaica. Returning to Kingston in 1975, Niney the Observer first spotted the potential of Michael Rose and produced first recordings like Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner and Clap The Barberto name a few. Although busy with touring (also with Sly and Robbie) and studio work, Michael Rose hasn’t released a full-length album for quite some time. Early 2004 news hit the streets that Duckie Simspon and Michael Rose reunite as “Black Uhuru featuring Michael Rose”. Since then, they released their single “Dollars” and performed in various countries. Heartbeat Records meanwhile puts out a “Best of”-album entiteld Happiness – The Best of Michael Rose.

Black Uhuru Reggae

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