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Big Youth Conscious Reggae Music

Big Youth is a influential conscious reggae music artist that has moved people with his Rastafarian lyrics. He is also known as Manley Augustus Buchanen and was born in 1955 to a preacher mother and a policeman father, as one of five children. Leaving school at fourteen, he started work as a cab driver and hotel mechanic in Kingston Jamaica. Singing and working he gradually became the top deejay for the Lord Tippertone sound. Working with Producer Keith Hudson at his peak he released the highly successful LP Screaming Target. Big Youth still records and plays live, and is still greatly respected. From rebel youth to elder statesman of reggae, he still inspires today, almost 30 years after he began singing and rapping. One of the the founders of conscious music, Big Youth still makes righteous songs aimed at the education of the youth, and the principles of Zion.

Big Youth Conscious Reggae Music Jamaica

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