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Beenie Man Reggae Dancehall Toaster

Beenie Man is a reggae toaster who started in the deejay business the day he was born. He had a stammer so had to speak like deejay. His uncle had a sound system, Master Blaster International and he took him along. He was five years old and being a kid in the dancehall, he got a lot of love from the people. Standing up on boxes, he would get a whole lot of encouragement and support. They had not seen a kid his age holding the mic and doing it professionally, with proper lyrics. He would get a proper beating for sneaking out but he knew it was his chance to make a career. These days Beenie Man can sing, dj, dance and is considered a fashion icon. He has a tremendous musical track record that speaks volumes about his character. After over twenty years in the entertainment business, he is the King of The Dancehall.

Beenie Man Dancehall Reggae Artist Jamaica

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