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Anthony B Jamaican Ragga Reggae Star

Anthony B is a Jamaican Ragga Reggae musician and songwriter blazing the fire in the dancehall. Standing for community and unity. The fire of Anthony B is about to be felt again with his twelfth album Life over death The title track captures Anthonys struggles in life. The song Territory Remix is a powerful anthem calling all to stand for their community, and Jungle speaks of the trials of the music business and success. The albums first digital single Bad From Long Time coins Anthony B The Trendsetter. Anthony B blazes a trail for the reggae industry within the the digital revolution. Like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, The Maytals, Justin Hinds, The Dominoes, Twinkle Brothers, the Clarendonians and other Jamaican Stars, Anthony B honed his skills in the church and school choirs. His deejaying debut was on the local sound system Shaggy Hi-Power. Moving to Portmore in the parish of St. Catherine in 1988, the keen teen hooked up with other aspiring teenage deejays, Determine, Mega Banton, Ricky General and Terror Fabulous on Lovers Choice Sound. Other Portmore acts that he knew or flexed with were Little Devon, Agony Polish, Cobra, Baby Wayne, Grindsman, Ronnie Thwaites, Professor Nuts and others.Anthony B, a Reggae king in full musical swing. The new album entitled Suffering Man has been acclaimed to be his best album yet.

Anthony B Reggae

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