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Alpha Blondy International African Reggae Band

Alpha Blondy and the Solar System is an international African Reggae Band. Known for Cocody Rock, Jerusalem, Brigadier Sabari and Apartheid is Nazism. Alpha Blondy and his band the Solar System are heavily influenced by the music of Bob Marley and Alpha Blondy himself, also known as the Rasta of Cocody considered himself as a rasta from an early age. He was born in Sedou Kone in Dimbokoro, Cote d’Ivoire. Blondy and his band sing in Dioula, English, French, Arabic and Hebrew. The band members come from Cameroon, United Kingdom, France, Ivory Coast, Jamaica and Togo. When he was in his teens he was committed to mental institution for two years because of his obsession with the Reggae and Rastafarian lifestyle. In the eighties he recorded his first single, Brigadier Sabari and then followed with his first album Jah Glory. A pilgrimage to Jamaica to record with the Wailers at Tuff Gong studios resulted in the smash hit album Cocody Rock followed by Jerusalem and Apartheid is Nazism. Alpha Blondy and the Solar System truly deserve their status as a premier African Reggae Band now recognised throughout the world.

Alpha Blondy Reggae

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