Rasta Jamaican Fever Grass Medicine Lemon Grass Herb

lemongrass fever grass

Jamaican Fever Grass or Lemon Grass

Family: Poaceae

Botanical Names: Andropogon citrates or Cymbopogon citrates

Common Names: Lemon grass, Gandhatrana, Hari-chaha, Bhutrin Aginghas, Bhustrina, Chae-Kashmiri, Chayapul, Chippagaddi, Gandha bela, Gandha-Bena, Gavatichaha, ginger-grass, Karpoorpul, Lilicha, Majjige-hullu, Mikkotiu, Nimmagaddi, Olancha, Patichachaha, Penguin, Purhali- hullu, Rosha grass, Sugandhichaha, sweet-rush, Takratrani, Vasanapulla, Vashanup-pulla
Lemon Grass is an easy plant to grow in subtropical and tropical climates. Lemongrass oil is used for its delicious lemony scent, as a calmative and a tonic in aromatherapy and the dry or fresh herb for a lovely flavour in herbal teas.
Most people dont realise that it is also a powerful medicine and some of its uses are as follows:
For Fevers: Use with with ginger, sugar, cinnamon. You can also use a tea or decoction made from the leaves as a diaphoretic in fever.

For disordered menstruation, for congestive and neuralgic forms of dysmnorrhoea, for dropsical conditions caused by chronic malaria: Use herb with black pepper.

For vomiting and diarrhea: It is carminative and tonic to the intestinal mucous membrane.

For colic, flatulence, fever, catarrh: Use an infusion of leaves with pudina, black-pepper, dried ginger and sugarcandy. The lemon-grass oil is useful as a carminative in flatulent and spasmodic affections of the bowels, colic, and gastric irritability. It is also used in treating cholera with obstinate vomiting, by controlling vomiting and aiding the process of reaction. Use 3 to 6 drops of lemongrass oil on a piece of sugar cube or in emulsion.

For painful affections – lumbago, chronic rheumatism, neuralgia, sprains, etc.: Mix lemongrass oil with an equal quantity of pure coconut oil. Use it externally as an embrocation or liniment.

Dosage is an infusion of the leaves (1 in 5) and oil.
A decoction of leaves (4ozs of the grass to 1 pint of boiling water.