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Tulsi Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi Sacred Basil, Holy Basil, Tulasi

Botanical names: Ocimum sanctum, Ocimum tenuflorum
Family: Lauraceae

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A house with a tulsi plant in front of it is a place of pilgrimage… The wind that carries the aroma of Tulsi spreads purity wherever it blows.
Wherever Tulsi grows there is no misery.She is the holiest of the holy.Wherever the breeze blows her fragrance there is purity.Vishnu showers blessing on those who worship and grow it.This herbi is sacred because Brahma resides in the roots, Vishnu resides in the stems and leaves and Rudra resides in the flowering tops.
In a world where stress related illness are affecting most people, we can be thankful to Jah for his healing herbs and there is one that can really help with this condition.
Next to the Lotus, Sacred Basil is the most sacred plant in India.The meaning of Tulsi in Sanskrit is “one that is incomparable: – one that does not tolerate or permit similarity. No plant in the world commands such… universal respect, adoration and worship form the people as does Tulsi.It is a plant par excellence. It is not so well known in the West despite it being one of the most revered herbs in Ayurvedic Medicine. Basil clears the aura and strengthens the immune system.
For thousands of years Ayurvedic physicians and everyday people have observed the effects of using holy basil.
It will benefit the
Cardiovascular-Circulatory system
Digestive System
Endocrine system
Immune system
Integumentary or skin system
Muscular system
Nervous system
Reproductive System
Respiratory system
Urinary or Excretory system
Additional uses and benefits of this Plant:
It is also used as Psycho-Spiritual aid.It opens the heart and mind and aids an individuals connection to a higher power.
Sacred Tulsi aids in the prevention and treatment of Stress by calming the central nervous system, improving cellular and humoral (fluids) immunity, improving stamina, reducing blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing intestinal mobility, as an antioxidant, anti bacterial anti fungal and anti viral and as an anti radiation and anti cancer agent.
Tulsi promotes good health by enhancing general well being having positive overall effects on the body and mind.It also reduces the negative and dangerous side effects of many standard modern medical treatments and slows the biological aging process.Tulsi also enhances the efficient digestion, absorption and use of nutrients from food and other herbs.
The Tulsi herb is an easy to grow.It is highly aromatic and different varieties may smell or taste of lemon, peppermint, cloves, or licorice.It grows abundantly in India, Malaysia, Australia, Central and South America and Western Asia.It also grows in Puerto Rico. Grow it as you would grow culinary Basil, sow seed in Spring.
Tulsi can also be purchased as a tea made from Tulsi leaves.
Revere your sacred basil. It is free preventative medicine and a gift from Jah.
Holy Basil has a long history of safe traditional use in India, it is a safe healing herb, however,as with all herbs care should be taken in therapeutic treatment of any herb and particularly in treatment of infants and children and pregnant and lactating mothers.This also applies to diabetics. It is therefore advisable to seek advice from a professional with therapeutic doses.

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