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Flower Essences Indigenous medicine for thousands of years

As the human race speeds towards its evolution of human enlightenment by the year 2012, individuals are at the crossroads.Whether to stay stuck in the dualistic material world or take a leap of faith into the unknown on this path to enlightenment and the unification of the human race.

So what is enlightenment anyway or maybe you’d call it consciousness.This is the best description I have ever read. Enlightenment is about putting an end to spiritual seeking. It produces a stable state of joy from within.There is no desire to evolve further.In this state there is no desire to become something else being totally present in the moment radiating joy. Having highly developed cosmic wisdom and direct contact to the divine as well as apparent lack of inner conflicts this individual has been liberated from the dominance of the past so there are no sensitive points that may produce ego-based emotional reactions.Far from the Western stereotype, they do not sit on Himalayan mountaintops meditating their lives away but are keenly interested in promoting the happiness and enlightenment of human kind.

This state of wholeness is something many individuals have been chipping away at for their entire lives.If you look around you freedom from inner conflicts is not a common state in human beings right now.So there is a lot of healing to be done and thankfully mother nature has provided us infinite tools for the job if we open to our intuition and follow the signs.

The human being is not just a physical body.If you think of it as an egg and the yolk is the physical body, the white is the subtle or energy bodies.The etheric, the astral or emotional body, the mental body, the buddhic body and the karmic body. How can we know if these bodies are out of balance if we don’t even know they exist. Sickness starts in the energy body and by the time it hits the physical body it may be too late.

Indigenous people include these invisible bodies in any healing of the sick, resulting in rather startling and spectacular healing rituals with shamans and witch doctors. So on this journey to enlightenment, what tools can we employ to reach this stable state of joy, free from inner conflicts and our past with cosmic wisdom and direct contact with the divine.

Perhaps it will include some meditation on a mountain top, eating organic healthy food, or unravelling our pasts so we can finally put them to rest. There is a gentle medicine that was used by the American Indians to heal the astral or emotional body that may assist you in this journey if you choose to take it.These are the Flower Essences and they were used for anything from obstinance to bad dreams. Bach developed the European Versions last century and spent his whole lifetime devoted to it. There is increasingly widespread use of them today.

Fortunately for us another great healer, Ian White, who comes from a long line of natural healers and herbalists in Australia has intuited the Australian Bush Flower Essences for these modern times and the problems they bring.They are very powerful and the stories of how they came about are make fascinating reading. As balancers of the astral or emotional body they make an invaluable tool for gently helping to heal anything from infertility, creative blocks or trauma from broken families Opening our minds to ancient forms of healing can help us on this courageous journey to true joy and peace within.
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