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Cheap Heating with a Terracotta Pot heater

The terracotta pot heater is a great little find as heating costs in winter are becoming so expensive for many people. The cost of good dry timber is getting astronomical and a lot of the heat is wasted particularly in an open fire. There are much better uses for trees like staying in the ground and being left alone. Gas is also getting very expensive and I personally don’t want to encourage anyone to contaminate the country’s water supply looking for gas. So it was a delight to come across this great little heater that is cheap to make, looks great and will heat a small room very cheaply.

Five nine hour tea lights will cost about a dollar so thats $28.00 a month if you run one for nine hours a day. It might not get as hot as most electric, gas and wood fires, but it is a great heater for the money. Lighting a terracotta pot heater up and putting it in the kitchen sink overnight will keep a little kitchen warm to wake up to. Keep your feet warm while you work by putting one under your desk. Of course if you have children or night roaming pets I wouldn’t encourage leaving candles burning, but provided you use common sense these might work for you.

Use an unsealed porous pot for your terracotta pot heater

There are six steps outlined with images below. It is pretty straight forward to make your terracotta pot heater, the main things to remember are the pots need to be unglazed or porous so they can heat up and radiate the heat properly. Placing one or two on a wood burner stove without the saucer and candles will radiate extra heat into the room. Energy costs are getting out of control and any innovations, however humble, empower anyone on a really tight budget. Pensioners may find this a helpful little heater.

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