Leonid Sharashkin and the Worldwide Food Revolution

Russian Cob house

 How the Economic downturn can change our lives by Leonid Sharashkin.

[youtube kyUgpmvrwDQ Leonid Sharashkin]

Growing your own food is the surest way to know what is in it and on it.  Community Gardens, foraging your urban landscape or growing a sustaining permaculture plot are all ways of achieving this.  There is a growing army of gardeners out there among you with knowledge and plant material to share. Reach out and explore the possibilities.  The Ringing Cedars series of books are a fascinating exploration into the spiritual connection we have between ourselves and nature and touch a place of knowing within us that runs very deep indeed.  They also offer a new way for us to live and interact in our world.  There is no doubt that Anastasia’s work is having a huge impact in Russia and the seeds of change are planted.  The way we are currently living goes against our deepest desire for connection and we all have within us the power to change and reclaim nature’s natural abundance to sustain us.
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