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Feelings are the Connection

Every one loves a little bit of research and especially this kind of new research that gives a universal understanding of the rasta phrase Who Feels it Knows it and One Love One Heart One Destiny.

Feelings are what connect us to all that is, an energy field also referred to as the Universal mind or God’s mind. Definition of feelings “ When an emotion lead to a thought we get a feeling. In a world where the mind has ruled and presides over much in our lives our feelings often take a back seat, it is very common that they degenerate into a mish mash of turmoil, otherwise known as anxiety.Experiments have shown that Human DNA will react with this unknown energy field. If a donor’s DNA is placed in a vacuum and the donor is subjected to emotional feelings of love and the opposite of love the DNA in the vacuum will respond at exactly the same time, tightening up in the presence of negative emotion and relaxing with positive emotion. The donor can be thousands of miles away and this still occurs. Believe it or not this field will also react when you look at it.

Experiments have also shown that the heart is not just a beating organ, it is an energy field extending out beyond the body connecting and communicating to all that is. Our feelings are what create our world.

We live in a halographic universe where the universe responds to us through the heart field or our feelings. Every feeling a human being has is speaking to this field and it is mirroring back what we are putting into it.

As the human race races towards Universal Consciousness I propose that we area about to find out who we actually are and that we all linked to an, until now, unknown energy field that every cell in our body speaks to. The same energy or field that created the entire universe and everything in it.

In Dr Carl Calleman’s latest book  The Purposeful Universe he explains this new theory of evolution aligned with the Mayan Calendar and Quantum Theory. It is a brilliant book and although it contains a lot of advanced scientific concepts, I am convinced it is going to turn our ideas on evolution around and give us a new framework for living in this world.

Human beings are a purposeful creation designed to live in three dimensions. The code for our form is in every cell in our bodies and speaks to this field. Anyone with the grit for some heavy scientific reading and some background knowledge of  The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness will no doubt be blown out of the water by this incredible book.

My intuition tells me these ideas are not going to be readily accepted by the establishment, however it is heartening to realise that it doesn’t matter as this information is available for all of us now and I urge you to revel in the implications of this great work. What a time to be living.

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