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Usain Bolt a model for Jamaicans

Usain Bolt is a lightning bolt and his run in the 100m and 200m sprints at Beijing put Jamaica in the world spotlight. This twenty two year old superstar has the spirit of a lion and speed enough to shatter two world records and put him at number one in the world.

Expatriate Jamaicans all over the world were elated when Usain Bolt won the 100 metres so convincingly, and the phone was running hot as they cheered in jubilation at the show of Jamaican spirit that only they can fully comprehend.

Displaying Jamaica’s flag proud this young man, along with his Jamaican sisters, Shelly Ann Fraser, Kerron Stewart and Sherone Simpson, blitzed the track and field at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

Hopefully this dazzling display of courage and skill will draw attention to a country beset by police and political corruption at levels that are crippling a proud and beautiful nation. Murders of innocent people by police, aligned with gangsters and politicians are an everyday occurrence in Jamaica and it seems no-one is in a position to stop the carnage. Most of these kids learnt to run by running from police in terror of their own lives.

Food shortages and unemployment at unprecedented levels are causing enormous suffering due to an inhumane trade policy and the importation of foreign goods at the expense of Jamaicas own home grown sustainability. Exploitation on every level has left this proud and beautiful nation in the hands of thieves and murderers and soon there will not be one iota of this idealistic Caribbean paradise left. Jamaica cannot move forward until the corruption is stamped out and the criminals are put to justice.

Time is of the essence and the world needs to stand up and take notice. What can be done? This is a very special nation. The home of Bob Marley, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the peaceful loving Rastafarian Movement and Reggae Music. We have a lot to learn about human spirit from these amazing people. There is a lot at stake here. Just take a look at this man run the race of his life for every Jamaican. He takes on superhuman status as he bounds to glory and may all his brethren benefit from his divine grace and courage.

Usain Bolt is running again in 2012 to become a legend in the world of sprinting.

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