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Uranium is a risk we can’t afford to take

Uranium mining and the deadly industry that results from it was the first post I published on rastaseed.  It is time to post it again to show Australia’s role in this deadly industry.  Australia is digging up its sacred land and selling it off.  There’s got to be another way.

To those who say that a process for transforming nuclear wastes is an invitation to keep making them, I ask, when we find a cure for cancer, shall we say it`s okay to continue to eat, drink and breathe carcinogens?

Do not be surprised if you learn that the nuclear industry makes billions of dollars by being a part of governments policy of burial of nuclear wastes. It is not in their financial interest to try any other process. They are not idealists. Radha R. Roy, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus.

BHP Billiton (BHP.AX) (BLT.L) – The diversified mining giant produces uranium at its Olympic Dam project in Australia. The company produced 5 million pounds of uranium in 2010.

The real cost of nuclear energy is too high a price to pay. Can humanity meet the challenges of finally utilising free energy.

Frontline Films

Solar power is something we could utilise a lot more in Australia. Interesting localised solar energy initiatives are springing up as the need to get rid of the dirty industries gets more pressing.  Read more

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