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Choosing Clarity over Confusion

Babylon has a metaphysical definition and that is confusion.


Capital of Babylon empire and founded by the followers of Nimrool (II Kings 25 Isa 13:19)
Confusion or mixture, outer confusion, sense confusion, mental confusion, a chaotic condition.
There are times when we find ourselves in the confusion of sense consciousness and its thoughts are so strong that they seem to have us in complete subjugation. Such cases symbolise captivity in Babylon. Read more about the metaphysical interpretation of Babylon

Humanity is living in a society of mixed messages and subliminal programming. Do we choose this or do we choose that. Do we believe this or do we believe that. No one really knows whether something is true or not. Even when it comes with evidence and science and whatever else behind it, it can still turn out to be bad or wrong. Look at the pharmaceutical industry.

Everywhere we look Babylon is at work sending us into a spin of confusion. We can choose as our courageous forefathers did to step out of this paradigm, vibration or whatever you like to call it and into a new one where we feel it how we want it to be. We are free. We decide to step out of Babylon and feel our world the way we want it to be. We don’t have to believe all the propaganda that is being sent our way relentlessly. It is time to stand up. Jah Rastafari

Bunny Wailer wrote this song and Marcia Griffiths performs it in the profound wisdom of true brotherhood, sisterhood and freedom.

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