Resource based Economy utilizing Technology to move the world into oneness and the Golden Age

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Resource based Economy

A resource based economy could solve our problems. Intelligent management of the worlds resources can never be solved by a monetary system. Through time there have been many luminaries that have carried civilisation through dark times. We are going through an enormous transition and as long as ethics and morals are applied to scientific breakthroughs we will change the course of humanity forever.

My country is the world
And my religion is to do good. Air, Fire, Earth and Water are true culture. We are all connected and joy comes from the bliss of connectedness. Our lives, our past and our future are tied to the sun, the moon and the stars. We are one species. We are star stuff harvesting starlight

Zeitgiest is a film that will change your view of the current state of the world and its institutions, forever.
Be prepared to understand the truth of our backward uncivilised society and the need to change our old outmoded belief systems as a result of this knowledge.

The Venus Project is an alternative to total worldwide military dictatorship which is the only course available through the current monetary system, due to its very design based on scarcity.So allow yourself a couple of hours to watch this film and prepare for an inward revolution where you, the individual human being will become the teacher, the pupil, the guru, the master, the leader. Only a revolution in consciousness can bring about this metamorphisis into a truly civilised society for the intelligent management our beloved planet earth and the human beings that live on it. The abolition of slavery and creation of true freedom is possible.

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The Venus Project

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