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Rasta Surfers and the red gold and green

The Red Gold Green Colours and the Lion of Judah symbols are now moving strongly into the surfing industry representing the one love cross cultural message of Reggae Music and Rastafarian livity to tread lightly on the earth and practice non-violence and one love.
This way of life is not new to the surfing community, there has always been a gentler side, a more creative side to surfing far removed from grunge and heavy metal music. The flower power generation of the sixties and seventies led the way and the the majority of surfers then were vegan, pacifist, lived simply, and had an awe and respect for the power of nature that is the same as that of the Rastafarian way of livity. A lot has changed since then, the rampant materialism of the eighties and nineties right up to today has commercialised these philosophies and ways of living just as everything else has been commercialised.
The message is still coming through however in the colours and symbols and the gentler side of these ways of living or livity are definitely infiltrating the new generations painfully aware of the urgent change of mindset that is required by human beings to live like liquid in this movement toward global consciousness. These ways of being can never be commercialised or owned by anyone.

Rasta surfers like David Rastovich live life like liquid

No one exemplifies this more than Rasta surfers like David Rastovich, pro surfer, musician, gardener, film maker and more. His film Life like Liquid is rootsy combining surfing and spontaneous musical creation in a dreamy earthy spiritual experience. Reggae Rhythmns on the album reflect the move toward the heartbeat rhythmn or the rhythmn of life that Bob Marley lived by and people that practice the Rastafarian way of life live by.
Growing up on a self sufficient farm in New Zealand and then moving the Gold Coast Australia when he was a youngster he met and trained alongside Grant Hackett, Olympic 1500m swimming champion. No one for rules and regulations, he just wanted to go surfing and with obvious athletic prowess hit the surfing circuit and won the under 16’s contest on the magical island of Bali in 1995.
Dave Rastovich and other Rasta surfers and musician friends have a profound love of the ocean are now active in their protection of Dolphins and Whales and the great oceans of this planet and they really need it now. There is a strong spiritual message in their creative collaborations and non-violent activism and these courageous eco warriors are serious about change.
Dave Rastovich lives in the hills of Northern NSW Australia near Byron Bay and tends his own Rasta style organic vegetable garden in a simple life of creative pursuits yoga and meditation. As Mahatma Ghandi said “Be the Change you want to see in the World”
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