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Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill is a beautiful singer and songwriter. Here she sings about Freedom on her acoustic guitar.

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Freedom is peace of mind and ease

Lets face it when it really comes down to it all anyone really wants to be totally free is peace of mind. So how do you get it and keep it? To have peace of mind you have to be certain and then you are centred. To be certain you have to recognise the pattern in something. So it goes, once you recognise the pattern, you become certain, then you are centred and then you have peace of mind. Everything you have ever done has followed this formula, from tying your shoelaces to driving a car or riding a bike. So why are so many people struggling to have peace of mind.

The man made world is made of millions of repeated patterns. These create a hypnotic trance in people. If we recognise a pattern we repeat the pattern and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it over and over again. It is comfortable and what we know. Instead of being creators, we are then being created, into consumers, christians, moslems, Australians, Americans Africans or clones of our favourite movie star. The great oppressive civilisations, one of which we are now living under, have had over five thousand years to perfect this hypnosis in the masses to make them into whatever serves their dominion. Workers, slaves or consumers.
So what do we do to get our peace of mind back. We recognise the pattern and then we break it. We do something different. We use our own brilliant mind to have a novel or creative thought or action to break us out of hypnosis.

Change it up, break the hypnosis and do something different

By recognising and changing the pattern we automatically become more certain, hence centred and once again have peace of mind.
If you don’t have peace of mind look for the patterns and then do something different.
Nature has no repeated patterns, it is random and unpredictable and hence will never be able to be controlled by man.

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