Organic Farming Ban by Stealth

HR-875 Food Modernization Act

Organic Farming Ban Threatens us all

Organic farming ban on food! Who would have ever thought it possible. With so many people in the world reliant on growing their own food and saving their own seed to do it, it is alarming to say the least to realize that a bill is being put forward in the United States in the next ten days to ban organic farming.  This is not science fiction it is really happening.   Great time to do it, Christmas time, everyone busy eating their turkey, not even knowing that if this goes through, sooner than they think, they could be jailed for growing their own tomatoes. The same thing is happening in New Zealand.  Keep up to date with what is happening so we can all rally and defeat these people who want to control the food chain.
Check out these videos and then follow the links to register your protest to this abomination
Terminator Technology A real threat to humanity

[youtube yh8c9OUti4c The future of food] [youtube eDl6RjYaOt4 The future of food] [youtube Iyw4MDVpwaw The future of food] [youtube rBDfOnv-_fc Contaminated]

And guess who is behind this seed vault in Norway.  You do the math.

[youtube 2yMyis1MVOA&hl The future of food] Read about the Doomsday Seed Bank Here
Ban Terminator Technology
Organic Consumers Association
H.R. 875 Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009