Kangaroo Message Revolutionise Australian Agriculture

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Our Indigenous Caretakers have a lot to teach society

The kangaroo is a mighty creature and along with the Emu is on Australia’s national crest. For thousands of years the Australian indigenous people have eaten and continue to eat the meat as a source of protein. They have also put the pelts to good use and farmed them sustainably.

Kangaroo Industry is a mirror on Australian Society

The industry and the treatment of these animals is a mirror on our society in Australia. Just like the Australian indigenous people they are not respected and have been pushed to the side to make way for introduced animals. These animals are not suited to the harsh climate and conditions here. Farmers complain about droughts and floods in a country where this is a part of life and yet they still haven’t seen the writing on the wall. Generation after generation they have ignored the necessity of diversifying into more sustainable and innovative crops and livestock.

Drought induced food shortages

Media blares with warnings of food shortages every time there is a drought and yet, thousands of Kangaroos are inhumanely slaughtered and left to rot. Everything they have to offer us is wasted and disregarded far away in the hidden wastelands of this vast and mighty country. Over-harvested for export, it is absurd that we don’t sustainably harvest and just eat them here. Just feed Australians and our tourists with a kangaroo.

Bureaucratic Red Tape, Stalling, Apathy Greed and Stupidity

Buried in red tape and bureaucracy the kangaroo meat industry is, in reality still just a wildman free for all. Why else would Russia have banned imports of this meat due to contamination? They are not being sourced, killed or processed properly. Imagine if the beef or sheep meat got banned for high levels of salmonella and ecoli. It would be fixed immediately.

When have we seen a campaign encouraging us to eat kangaroo to help the environment, and boost our economy? Wealthy graziers and fat cat politicians wouldn’t allow us to focus on that. They don’t want things to change and are happy to bleat for handouts every time Australia turns nasty.

Export Opportunities for Kangaroo Leather goods

Kangaroos are a rich source of protein and taste delicious, wild, free-range and free of the drugs used with other grazing animals. There is huge income potential for products made from the pelts. Some large overseas companies have banned the use of this leather due to the inhumane killing of joeys. This is an all Australian export industry just waiting to be utilized.

New blood in the Agricultural Sector of Australia

It is my belief that the whole agricultural sector in Australia needs fresh eyes. Hemp is not moving fast enough, cotton is still sucking the water out of the heartland of the eastern states, and the brutal butchery and waste of our national emblem is a complete disgrace. The kangaroo is reflecting back to us the brutal nature of a society that allows this to happen and has no respect for the land and water that our food is supposed to come from.

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