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GMO free food is our right

GMO is hiding away in so many plants now it is very frightening. Science is not a strong point for a lot of people so the complexities of these processes often go unnoticed and companies like Syngenta and Bayer (formerly Monsanto} want it that way. The less we know and understand the better.

I recently stumbled across a research program for malaria that involved putting a gene in the mosquito that turned it into a zombie and it just followed the light. In my opinion this kind of experimentation is foolish when there are many plants with pretty strong credentials to help in the fight against this disease. Artemisia for one. This kind of research could have grave consequences in the wrong hands, which often is exactly where they end up and nobody seems to ever be accountable.

What about the contamination of the ancient Mexican corn seeds. A truck full of genetically modified corn accidentally found its way right into the middle of it. We have the power to get rid of this abomination from our food. Never before have we had such powerful tools to connect and turn the tide on these unethical corporations. October 2010 is non-gmo month. Thousands of people can become activisits in the revolution against this. We can take back our food supply. At the top of the food chain our informed choices about what we buy can bring these multinationals to their knees in a very short time. Get informed and act now to take back our right to healthy food.

Since writing this article over ten years ago, things have got a lot worse. ‘Bill Gates’ now considers himself an expert in this area as well. Just so happens the human food chain is one of the biggest and most lucrative business opportunities for Mr Gates, and he is buying up agricultural land.

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