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Ceremony is a way to ground and reinforce our convictions and conscious understanding of our own evolution.


Practice of aboriginal spirituality via light and sound yoga.

Awakening the Light body Matrix

As life on earth prepares for the next wave of evolution, it is becoming clear that we will not survive if we continue to live in a fear based paradigm.  Enlightenment is not simply a state in which the intellect is in possession of questions and answers – it is a state of being in which the full spectrum of Source Consciousness is integrated, synthesized and crystallized into the incarnate body presence, understood in the mind, felt in the heart and made tangible in the body.

The language of light is here to help us. Sacred geometrical forms that carry information to aid us in this evolution.

Conscious communion with sacred geometry through ceremony is a fundamental aspect of our evolutionary awakening.
No living thing within creation exists in isolation. The interconnected, interactive, co-creative individual system of each entity is a fractal of the one holographic system that encompasses the subatomic to the multi-universal. Transcendence requires the resurrection of the dormant components within the Human hologram, to be re-embraced into the governing mechanism of the universal holography.

flower of life book

Ceremony for Healing with a Rastafari Shaman

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