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Lee Scratch Perry

Lee Scratch Perry Jamaican Reggae producer, performer and recording artist is also known as The Mad Professor, Scratch or The Upsetter Perry. He was born in Kingston Jamaican in 1936 and his main mission is to criticise all tax collectors and to execute liars, thieves and vampires. His music has influenced hip hop, rap and electronica. He’s a dreadlock a baldhead everything all at once. A magician, miracle man and scientist. Scratch worked at Studio One in the sixties. His genius developed Bob Marley and the Wailers early and greatest music, which he took to England and sold without their permission. But in the darkest recesses of Kingston and London, the massive bass that only Scratch could squeeze out of 1/4″ of tape boomed both at Trenchtown dances and West Indian shebeens. In the words of Heptone Leroy Sibbles: a dis a sufferers time. In the UK, Upsetter singles rapidly became cult collector’s items. Junior Marvin’s Police and Thieves was a huge hit amongst Jamaicans in London and elsewhere. Scratch still performs today in his eighties and shows enormous energy and talent on stage.

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